I am a Real Estate Agent in Toronto and I am very often renovating my investments. Without all the amazing contacts I made in TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS, I would never have gotten my latest project completed to such a high standard.

TKR is a great way to work closely with professionals to advance your career. When you look at the stats, there is a MASSIVE amount of referrals passing around. I HIGHLY recommend it.


Not knowing anything about TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS or Paula, but knowing about networking groups and even being a part of one, I realized there was something different about what TKR was all about and wanted to find out more.  

Right away, I loved Paula’s energy and I knew she would be a great supporter. I could feel her passion from the minute I first spoke with her. So I joined TKR and went in with an open mind.

WOW, I am so grateful I joined.  

I love the philosophy of TKR. No pressure; lots of support and trust. It’s a great mix of in-person meetings and zoom calls, for flexibility to be anywhere in the world.  

It’s a loving group of professionals whom I have come to trust, love and support like family.