Newsflash: October 6, 2021

She’s alive!

I acknowledge I’ve been MIA for the summer. I don’t know about you but my world was in breakdown and chaos until just recently. My family went through a massive transition—the sale of one home leading to three relocations—plus my dear Dachshund went through a few health issues of his own, which always hurts the heart, just to name a few of the things that have been keeping me busy.

Naturally life continues and my energy was split between the Wild West that is the real estate market today AND my cherished Total Knockout Referrals Team and our meetings.

How has your summer been? I trust that you are well and managing. If so, I celebrate this! If not, let’s talk! I would love to be of service.

Speaking of service, Total Knockout Referrals has gone through a sensational growth spurt over the summer. The Team is in full force with learning, growth and support. The feedback I have received as of late from the team has been a sensational amount of gratitude. My members are feeling loved, appreciated, respected, understood, and supported in what seems to be an exceptionally difficult time due to the pandemic.  This fills my love tank! Aside from the obvious outcome of referrals exchanged, members communicating their feelings is integral to our purpose and function.

Today I am reaching out to reconnect with you. Today I get to share my love and gratitude with you.

Wishing you a brilliant day! Much love!