Paula Margulis business networking leader

My Story

When I got into real estate 10 years ago, I became fully aware of my social capacity and my desire to grow my business by building strong relationships with everyone around me. 

Networking and referral marketing was my focus and “my jam” so to speak. 
It was 10 years ago that I jumped head first into as many networking activities as I could handle. From free one-offs, to dedicated annual memberships meeting weekly, I have tried them all! And then it all came to a halt one day.

I was part of a prestigious networking program with an annual commitment for 3.5 years. Despite the reputable organization and accomplished company I was in, I was frustrated and underwhelmed with the referrals I was receiving, while I was dishing out solid gold….$70,000 in just one year!

I began to feel resentful. I was showing up and creating opportunities to support my referral marketing team while I received less than that kind of energy. I became exhausted with lackluster environment. Sharing so much time, energy and expense, my return on investment was not even breaking even.

I decided it was time to go!!! So I left to strike out on my own, to create a new kind of networking community, one that was born out of a deep, generous love, and a true sense of belonging.

That’s how TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS came to be. The idea hit me and I launched the first group in January 2020.


A Business Marketing graduate, Paula brings a strong marketing background to her current Real Estate Business.

Having worked at Toronto’s prestigious real estate marketing firm P+B Marketing, where she worked as project manager in a myriad of high-end projects including Yorkville Corporation’s high profile MuseumHouse, Channington Developments’ Electric City, Sentex Developments’ Waterways of Muskoka and BrightStar Corporations’ Crates Landing, Paula developed a robust sense of the Real Estate industry.

With years of experience under her belt, she maneuvered into retail marketing representing prominent clients such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw Company Ltd before returning to Real Estate as a marketing consultant for Realtors.

It was after a couple years of working with Realtors to distinguish and position themselves for maximum return, that she decided to join the forces on the front lines.

Years later, working in a partnership with her mom Laura Gutierrez, Paula is in her glory…climbing the ranks of productivity.