Building a community of like minded business owners looking to grow together

Ready to get into a new game of business development?

Do you have a desire to be a team player in a business building

Are you already a high-performing networker looking to join a group of leaders at the top of their referral game?

Attention entrepreneurs!

How would it sound if I told you that I know the secret to hot, qualified, CLOSING referrals?
Because that’s exactly what TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS can offer you.
Now more than ever you need your own sales force.
You need a team of people who will bring clients to you.
People who will be saying your name, and sharing your business with others.
This is what TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS is all about.

You have no time to waste waiting around.

You get to dedicate yourself, NOW, to a community that will support you from this day forward. A community that will keep your calendar full of bookings and your business funnel flowing. The businesses in TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS are building their business pipelines TODAY, so that when they open their doors again, they’re ready to hit the ground running.

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is a word-of-mouth initiative designed by a company to incentivize existing customers to introduce their family, friends and contacts to become new customers. Now, forget all of that and what you think we’re talking about when we say “referral marketing.” Because no one has done networking the way we’re doing it.

Why TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS is the place to be

TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS was designed as the antidote to traditional networking. Forget pseudo “referral partners” and dead-end leads.

TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS builds powerful business relationships based on a like-minded community that truly, deeply cares about you, and will support you in growing your business.

I’m talking family. In just 6 weeks, Group 1 of TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS exchanged 60 RED HOT, QUALIFIED, CLOSING referrals.

We know the power of word of mouth. And we know how to get you results from it.

What you can expect

When you join TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS, you’ll:

-Grow your business exponentially through referral networking

-Build strong business relationships with like-minded people

-Keep your business pipeline flowing

And because we’re already on a virtual platform, conveniently meeting weekly on Zoom, we get to start working together NOW to build your business TOGETHER.

Join today and start growing your business exponentially.

Our family is waiting for you.

Are YOU Ready?

Do you have a desire to be a team player in a business building

Are you already a high-performing networker looking to join a group of leaders at the top of their referral game?

“I am a Real Estate Agent in Toronto and I am very often renovating my investments. Without all the amazing contacts I made in TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS, I would never have gotten my latest project completed to such a high standard.  

TKR is a great way to work closely with professionals to advance your career. When you look at the stats, there is a MASSIVE amount of referrals passing around. I HIGHLY recommend it.” 


“Not knowing anything about TOTAL KNOCKOUT REFERRALS or Paula, but knowing about networking groups and even being a part of one, I realized there was something different about what TKR was all about and wanted to find out more.  

Right away, I loved Paula’s energy and I knew she would be a great supporter. I could feel her passion from the minute I first spoke with her. So I joined TKR and went in with an open mind.

WOW, I am so grateful I joined.  

I love the philosophy of TKR. No pressure; lots of support and trust. It’s a great mix of in-person meetings and zoom calls, for flexibility to be anywhere in the world.  

It’s a loving group of professionals whom I have come to trust, love and support like family.”